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25 March 2021

Inside P&C Live 


5 November 2020


21 May 2020

Inside P&C Live


25 March 2021

London Market Live 


5 November 2020


21 May 2020

Welcome to Inside P&C Live

Our line-up of speakers includes: John Doyle (President and CEO, Marsh), Scott Gunter (CEO, AXA XL), J. Pat Gallagher Jr (Chairman, President and CEO, Gallagher), Richie Whitt (Co-CEO, Markel Corporation), Andrew Robinson (CEO, Skyward Specialty Insurance), Erica Davis (Managing Director & North America Cyber CEO Leader, Guy Carpenter) and Lisa Butera (Managing Director, Head P&C Client Markets US, Swiss Re).

Fewer years had more twists and turns than 2020 for the global re/insurance industry.

The coronavirus pandemic inflicted devastating losses, spawned fierce legal battles, and transformed the way the industry operates.

The health crisis struck a sector already in flux, battered by years of catastrophes and social inflation, and wrestling to realise the full opportunities of technology.

Billions of dollars have been paid out in claims, whilst billions of dollars of new capital have flooded into the sector to support a range of start-ups, scale-ups and re-caps.

The pandemic also led to an intensification of pre-existing market dynamics on rates, helping to sustain a broad-based turn in P&C globally as the market begins to pivot towards more profitable and sustainable underwriting.

The global broking juggernauts had experienced a period of sustained positive momentum coming into 2020, but potential reduced client spend, collapsing new business and reduced volumes in project-driven lines have all militated against the intermediaries.

The worst predictions around direct losses from the pandemic do not look to have materialized, although with BI litigation going on in many countries, third-party claims still to come and many bankruptcies potentially delayed rather than averted, the final outcome remains distant.

But with mass vaccination programs imminent, attention should now shift towards the question of how – and to what extent – the industry can capitalise on the steady stream of new opportunities coming their way and build back stronger. 

Join us on Thursday, March 25th to learn the latest thinking from an unrivalled gathering of industry luminaries tasked with navigating us through one of most intense periods of disruption in recent history.


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Eastern Standard Time (EST)

08:15 – 09:00 



09:00 – 09:30

Fireside Chat:
James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
John Doyle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marsh


09:30 – 10:00

Fireside Chat:
Bernard Goyder, Senior Reporter, Inside P&C (moderator)
Andrew Robinson, CEO, Skyward Specialty Insurance


10:00 – 10:30

Fireside Chat:
James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
Richie Whitt, Co-CEO, Markel Corporation


10:30 - 11:00



11:00 – 11:30

Fireside Chat:
James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
Eric Andersen, President, Aon


11:30 – 12:15

Panel discussion: State of the Market

James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
Elizabeth Johnson, CUO, North America, Ascot Group
Neil Kessler, President, Chief Operating Officer, CRC Group
Mo Tooker, EVP, Head of Middle & Large Commercial, The Hartford
Peter Wilson, CEO, Insurance, AXIS Capital

Few could have predicted that a pandemic would throw the entire world into disarray and take along the (re)insurance industry for the ride. Covid-19 struck the market at a time when serious remediation was already underway, following years of heavy natural catastrophes and spiralling costs of social inflation.

It has also acted as an accelerant for existing market trends that were yet to come fully into force – such as increasing rate momentum and a squeeze in capacity.

  • How can re/insurers take advantage of the considerable market opportunity presented to them as hardening trends look set to continue throughout 2021?
  • Is there anything on the horizon that may lead to a short-term change in market conditions?
  • What lines of business are proving most attractive?
  • What impact will the Class of 2020 have on overall market dynamics? Are these start-ups squashing the post-Covid cat opportunity?
  • Now that underwriters are achieving improved pricing and terms and the prospective profitability of new business improved, will excess capital and competition re-assert itself and compete away the gains?
  • Is the broking space yet to realise the full impact of the Aon-Willis combination? How has it changed the trading environment?

12:15 – 13:00

Panel discussion: Cyber Insurance: market-wide repricing?

John Hewitt Jones, Senior Reporter, Inside P&C (moderator)
Oli Brew, Head of Client Success, CyberCube
Erica Davis, Managing Director & North America Cyber CoE Leader, Guy Carpenter
Elissa Doroff, Managing Director, Cyber Technical Leader, NFP
Nick Economidis, Vice President, Crum & Forster

Ever-rising concerns about mounting ransomware losses in 2020 set the scene for what looks to be a transformational year for the standalone cyber market. While ransomware is not a ‘new’ threat, a steady increase in the severity and frequency of attacks is now starting to pose a persistent threat to the profitability of the cyber insurance market.

After years of sluggish rate momentum and intense competition, the way the cyber market chooses to tackle a rapidly evolving threat landscape in 2021 will be looked back on as a major turning point in the maturity of the class.


  • What key impacts has Covid-19 had on the cyber market?
  • Has it changed investors’ and executives’ appetite for the class of (re)insurance?
  • Are we set to see a market-wide repricing of cyber risk?
  • Will the fallout from surging attacks against SME businesses lead the class to becoming seriously distressed?
  • How are ransomware attacks evolving and how prevalent is this threat now?
  • What is the likely impact on SME businesses? How does this contrast with the cyber consequences for large corporates?
  • How is the reinsurance market responding? What are reinsurers most concerned about?

13:00 – 14:00



14:00 – 14:30

Fireside Chat:
James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
Pat Gallagher, Chairman, President and CEO, Gallagher


14:30 – 15:15

Panel discussion: M&A, Finance and Capital

Amit Kumar, Director of Research, Inside P&C (moderator)
Jeff Radke, Group CEO and Co-Founder, Accelerant US Holdings
Romulo Braga, CEO, BMS Capital Advisory
Matt Grosssberg, Chief Executive Officer, ISC
Neil Eckert, Executive Chairman, Conduit Re

Rowan Bamford, President, Liberty GTS, Liberty Mutual

  • Will we see more in the way of new capital formations? How will the different structures (start-up/buy-in/expansion) shape the experience of 2021?
  • How has the economic picture impacted the way capital is flowing into the market? What trends are we seeing from investors in our space?
  • The majority of major M&A deals were put on ice whilst uncertainty caused by Covid-19 wreaked havoc on valuations. Has the M&A freeze began to thaw? How do you see the prospects for M&A in the current climate?
  • Where do opportunities lie within the middle-market for M&A expansion? Is this space ripe for growth?
  • Has the pandemic accelerated M&A or dampened activity? What impact is it having on valuations? Is the fall-out from Covid-19 putting pressure on decision-making?
  • How are insurers and reinsurers realigning their businesses to be more efficient conduits of capital and risk?

15:15 – 15:45

Fireside Chat:
James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
Scott Gunter, CEO, AXA XL


15:45 – 16:30

Panel discussion: Hopes and Fears: Spotlight on Reinsurance

James Thaler, News Editor, Inside P&C (moderator)
Lisa Butera, Managing Director, Head P&C Client Markets US, Swiss Re

Tim Gardner, Global CEO, Lockton Re
John Jenkins, CEO of P&C Reinsurance Operations in the Americas, SCOR
Doug May, President, Willis Re North America

The age-old question of “how much longer” a journey will take has never been more relevant to the reinsurance market. Some suggest the current phase of market hardening will be a short-lived uptick, quickly gone as the world returns to normal, while others argue for a prolonged opportunity into 2022 and perhaps beyond.

Reinsurers were disappointed with the extent of rate increases at 1 January. But even so, after taking away gains from the January renewals to boost prospective returns to the best levels since 2013 or earlier, market participants are desperately hoping that this phase of incremental improvements may keep replaying for more renewals to come.

  • How far have the 1.1 renewals put carriers ahead when considering the additional drag from lower investment returns or other pressures on loss costs?
  • How much further does the reinsurance market upturn have to run?

  • What role do you see for pure-play reinsurers in the future?

  • What's the biggest challenge for the reinsurance sector post-Covid?

  • What role is reinsurance playing in the evolution of insurtechs and vice versa?

  • In light of overall market conditions, how are reinsurers reallocating their capacity and what have been some recent developments in buying strategies among cedents?

  • How has the level of re-underwriting in the primary market impacted the reinsurance market?


16:30 – 18:00



Business-leaders, experts, and innovators


Jeff Radke

Group CEO and Co-Founder

Accelerant US Holdings

Eric Andersen



Elizabeth Johnson

CUO, North America

Ascot Group

Scott Gunter



Peter Wilson

CEO, Insurance

AXIS Capital

Romulo Braga


BMS Capital Advisory

Neil Eckert

Executive Chairman

Conduit Re

Neil Kessler

President and COO

CRC Group

Colin Grint

Chief Operations Officer


Matthew Jones



Jerad Leigh 

CEO and co-founder


Anna McNamara

Group Chief Operating Officer

Tokio Marine Kiln

Nick Economidis

Vice President

Crum and Forster

Oli Brew

Head of Client Success


J. Pat Gallagher Jr

Chairman, President and CEO


Erica Davis

Managing Director & North America Cyber CoE Leader

Guy Carpenter

Matt Grossberg

Chief Executive Officer


Rowan Bamford

President, Liberty GTS

Liberty Mutual

Tim Gardner

Global CEO

Lockton Re

Richie Whitt


Markel Corporation

John Doyle

President and CEO


Elissa Doroff

Managing Director, Cyber Technical Leader


John Jenkins

CEO of P&C Reinsurance Operations in the Americas


Andrew Robinson


Skyward Specialty Insurance

Lisa Butera

Managing Director, Head P&C Client Markets US

Swiss Re

Mo Tooker

EVP, Head of Middle & Large Commercial

The Hartford

Doug May


Willis Re North America

Robin Merttens


InsTech London

Andrew Rear 

Chief Executive at Digital Partners 

Munich Re

Karl Stanley

VP, Technology Ventures

Renaissance Re 

Vincent Vandendael


Everest Global Markets


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Henri Winand

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