About the London 100

For over ten years, the London 100 has been the non-partisan, truly independent body to foster ideas and facilitate debate about the London and international (re)insurance market.

It provides a space for the leading executives of the London market to exchange ideas, learn from experts, scrutinise politicians and regulators and analyse the burning issues of the day to ensure London remains a key contributor to the UK financial services sector.

Membership to the London 100 is by invitation only. Attendance is free, restricted to C-suite executives in the London market and conducted under the Chatham House rule.
Members have access to a network of exclusive high ranking insurance professionals as well as invitations to breakfast briefings hosted by key figures from both inside and outside the London Market. 

Our past hosts include the likes of Inga Beale, Vincent Cable, Daniel Finkelstein, Andrew Lilico and Anna Sweeney.

As well as this, membership includes access to our VIP lunches, plus complimentary passes for members and a colleague to all of our established and popular conferences as detailed

Upcoming Events

Breakfast Briefing with Kajetan Czyz, ClimateWise

24 September 2019
08:00 - 10:00
Searcy's at the Gherkin
RSVP: Amelia.Blanks@insuranceinsider.com

ClimateWise supports the insurance industry to better communicate disclose and respond to the risks and opportunities associated with the climate-risk protection gap. This is the growing divide between total economic and insured losses attributed to climate change. Representing a growing global network of leading insurance industry organisations, ClimateWise helps to align its members’ expertise to directly support society as it responds to the risks and opportunities of climate change.


Networking drinks

17 October 2019
17:00 -19:00
Gracehall, 147 Leadenhall Street
RSVP: Amelia.Blanks@insuranceinsider.com


Breakfast Briefing with Dr Robin Niblett

27 November 2019
Searcy's at the Gherkin
RSVP: Amelia.Blanks@insuranceinsider.com


Winter Lunch

5 December 2019
1 Lombard Street
RSVP: Amelia.Blanks@insuranceinsider.com