Welcome to Insider Progress!


Hopefully you’re here because you feel as strongly as we do that building a more diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to the success and prosperity of the (re)insurance market.

We’ve felt for a long time now at The Insurance Insider that while the awareness of the importance of D&I has been growing in this industry, many companies were still looking for fresh, practical ideas on how to put these great intentions into practice.

A number of the editorial team here had attended D&I events, felt inspired by who they met and the conversation they heard, but still came away lacking ideas on how to encourage and enforce tangible change in workplace culture.

The more we talked to people in the market, the more we realised they felt the same.

So we came up with the idea of Insider Progress – a cross-market, free-to-join network designed to promote active discussions around building an insurance workplace for the future.

Insider Progress will feature editorial articles, opinion pieces, events, white papers, research, thought leadership and more, designed to arm people with evidence and ideas that can be taken into the boardroom to supplement and inspire your D&I policy building.

Through our events, we hope to create a place where people will not only meet and network with like-minded individuals, but also be able to benefit from tangible takeaways which can be put into place in your own companies.

Most importantly, this will not be a place where we just focus on the negatives or the horror stories.

We want to provide a clear view of how embracing and celebrating employees’ differences can bring new business opportunities in (re)insurance.

But, in order to truly enact change, we need support from all corners of the market – both men and women, from the new graduate recruit to the C-suite executive.

So, if you're interested in becoming part of a movement that will help companies prepare their workforce for tomorrow, help challenge stereotypes and inspire insurance companies to offer an inclusive, egalitarian workplace for this and future generations, please sign up, get your boss to sign up and start being part of the conversation.

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