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Gender equality post-Covid - championing female talent in insurance

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Gender equality post-Covid - championing female talent in insurance

The lack of women in senior positions across the insurance industry has been a much-discussed issue for some time, but the pandemic has shifted the playing field once again. Data from UN Women has suggested the coronavirus pandemic could wipe out 25 years of increasing gender equality. How should the (re)insurance industry rethink how it attracts, hires and retains female employees in the new working environment to level the playing field and ultimately benefit from a wider pool of talent?

This session will focus on practical ways in which companies can help mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the careers of women and examine whether there are elements of post-pandemic working life we can leverage to generate better opportunities for women at work. It will also feature case studies from women who have successfully returned to work and are enjoying a new career and opportunities in insurance.

Discussion includes:

  • How has the pandemic affected women’s advancement in the workforce and progress toward closing the gender pay gap? What has the reality of life been for working women during Covid-19?
  • The actions employers can take to accommodate for different working environments and family structures in a new hybrid work environment - prioritising flexibility, inclusivity and equity
  • The focus on talent and the return to work - progressive workplace policies, the language around job adverts and prioritising career progression
  • The male champion – the role male colleagues can play in supporting women at work
  • Closing the gap between the proportion of women in junior management and senior management

A cross-market, free-to-join community designed to promote active discussions around building an insurance workplace for the future


Karen Graves

Chief Operating Officer
Inigo Insurance

Stephanie Dillon

Partner and Founder
Inclusivity Partners

Sheila Cameron

Chief Executive
Lloyd's Market Association


15:00 - 15:25 | Fireside chat


  • Richard Brindle, Chairman, Group Chief Executive Officer & Group Chief Underwriting Officer, Fidelis
  • Keith Jernigan, Underwriting Assistant, Fidelis


Up for discussion:


  • Can you elaborate a little on the measures you unveiled following the Black Lives Matter movement and why you chose to go down this route?
  • What do you think are the barriers in trying to increase black representation at companies? What has been your approach in your own attempts to build a more diverse workforce?
  • Have there been any particular successes or failures in your own company approach to date? Are there any pieces of advice you have for other executives and companies looking to increase their Black representation?
  • How can we ensure a structural change within industry? What ways can this change be sustainable?
  • Would you be more in favour of a top-down or bottom-up approach to ensuring Black systematic oppression is addressed?

15:25 - 16:05 | Panel discussion: Moving from awareness to action


  • Charlie Thomas, Content Director, Insurance Insider (moderator)

  • Charmaine Davis, Senior Vice President and Founder, African Heritage Colleague Resource Group, Marsh

  • David Flint, Head of Broking & Capacity Distribution, Newpoint Insurance Brokers

  • Fiona Pizzey, Senior Engagement, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Human Resources, MS Amlin

  • Ronald Reeves, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, USA, Canada, and Latin America, AIG

  • Andrea Santolalla, Chief Operating Officer, Hiscox Special Risks

  • Ingrid Woodward, Head of IT and Operations, CNA Hardy


Up for discussion:

  • How can companies start to identify how well they currently support and encourage the development of black professionals? Are there any specific needs for black employees which companies could better address?

  • The importance of data collection and creating a safe space for employees to self-identify their race

  • How can we collectively – from junior employee to C-suite - create an environment in which black professionals can thrive?

  • How can companies effectively monitor their progress on racial equality?

  • What structures and frameworks could be put in place to make sure black voices are heard?

  • What measures can be taken to encourage more black talent into the industry?

16:05 - 16:15 | Keynote


  • John Doyle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marsh


Business leaders, experts, and pioneers

(further speakers to be announced soon)

Caroline Bosher

Renegade Generation

Fiona Green

Renegade Generation

Sue Langley

Non-Executive Chairman
Gallagher UK

Jennette Newman

Clyde & Co

Steve Parry

Global Head of Technical Claims
AIG Inc.

Tali Shlomo

People Engagement Director
Chartered Insurance Institute

Heidi Watson

Clyde & Co



08:30 - 09:10 | Registration & breakfast


09:10 - 09:15 | Welcome speech

  • Catrin Shi, Co-Founder, Insider Progress


09:15 - 09:20 | Opening remarks

  • Jennette Newman, Partner, Clyde & Co


09:20 - 09:50 | Keynote/Fireside chat

  • Sue Langley, Non-Executive Chairman, Gallagher UK


09:50 - 10:30 | Panel discussion: Talent retention and servant leadership

  • Catrin Shi, Co-Founder, Insider Progress (Moderator)
  • Steve Parry, Global Head of Technical Claims, AIG Inc.
  • Tali Shlomo, People Engagement Director, Chartered Insurance Institute
  • Heidi Watson, Partner, Clyde & Co


Hear from leading leading voices in the insurance industry on how best to nurture and retain talent, with concrete examples and robust debate on what works best for insurance.


In this panel we will discuss the practicalities of policies such as paternity and shared parental leave, the changing needs of an ageing workforce and brainstorm ideas on talent retention.

10:30 - 11:20 | The Age Advantage - how to turn an ageing workforce from threat to secret weapon

  • Caroline Bosher, Co-Founder, Renegade Generation
  • Fiona Green, Co-Founder, Renegade Generation


Renegade generation, one of the foremost thinks in the ageing workforce space, will uncover significant age-related trends and challenges affecting the UK insurance sector. Their session will explore the impact and opportunities brought on by an ageing workforce along the employee lifecycle. They will deep dive into key areas with real examples, evidence and practical ideas to ensure business leaders can successfully prepare for the multigenerational workplace of the future.


11:20 | Close




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